Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boy how time flies......I have been busy sewing but just have not posted anything here for awhile.  I have sewed a couple of things for myself which I need to take pictures of so I can post them.  I also have been sewing for other people.  At the beginning of the month I made 5 items for a client.  3 tops and 2 skorts.

These tops are copies of tops she had in her closet, but in different colors.

Both of the skorts were made of pointrama knit for the skirt and jersey for the under shorts.

Presently I am doing some alterations for a client and then making her a black dress she saw in a magazine.  I will use my Sure Fit Design System to make this dress.  I will post pictures as soon as I am finished.


  1. Jane this is my third attempt to comment on your blog for some reason my work laptop was playing up so trying my iPad. Your tops look great I don't know how you have the patience to sew for clients - good luck with the little black dress,

    I have been sewing quick sew panties (knickers) I have made 6 pairs now quick and really easy


  2. Do you enjoy sewing for other people? I'm not so sure!

  3. Yes I do actually. I love sewing so much that if I just sewed for myself I would have so many clothes I would never be able to ware them all.