Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7

Weekend is over and so are all the alterations I had to do for a friend that 'went shopping in her closet'. I guess that is like shopping in your forget what you have purchased until you start looking and realize that you have some really nice things and you don't need to go shopping. Mind you that has never stopped me from shopping for more fabric to add to my stash.

Thought I had finished everything Saturday such luck.  On Sunday morning my 13 yo DGD forgot to tell me that she had a couple of items that she needed to have fixed before she went home that afternoon. Done, Done and Done.  Now it is time for me.:)

PR had a post a couple of weeks ago about Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Items Every Women Needs.  Here is the list:

* Basic Black Dress
* Trench Coat
* Classic White Shirt
* Classic Dress Pants
* Skirt
* Blazer
* Day Dress
* Cashmere Sweater
* Jeans
* A comfortable Alternative to a Sweatsuit

Nothing new just basic pieces that can work for everyone.

Think I will start by going through my patterns and Burda magazines to see what strikes me.

Have a great day, I'll be back soon.

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